The Tastiest of Collaborations

In spicy news, British band FOALS have announced a limited edition collaboration with Sauce Shop, producing their very own hot sauce ‘Holy Fire Hot Honey’, a pitch-black hot honey which has been laced with Sauce Shop signature habanero to make a sweet, dark elixir… to all hot sauce lovers with a penchant for indie music, get stocking up now!

To celebrate finally seeing this wonderful group again after almost two years of pandemic-related chaos, we thought it only right to use their recent collaboration as inspiration for a piece around tasty food-orientated collaborations we are chomping at the bit to make reality…

Harry Styles x Candy Kittens

For watermelon fans this collaboration is an absolute no-brainer! Already both delectable favourites of mine, the combination of Harry Styles dulcet tones singing ‘Watermelon Sugar’ combined with Made in Chelsea legend Jamie Laing’s Sour Watermelon Candy Kitten treats is surely an opportunity not to be missed!? Indeed, with Styles set to star in upcoming blockbuster ‘Don’t Worry Darling’, hows about making Watermelon Sours the official Harry Styles movie-watching snack.

The 1975 x Chocolate

I simply can’t be the only person who has been waiting and hoping for some form of chocolate to be included in The 1975’s merch and…. well, I have some thoughts. First things first, lets address the elephant in the room. In the song they are definitely not talking about Dairy Milk but rather marijuana BUT whilst you may think this complicates things, it actually opens up a wonderful option. How about a CBD infused chocolate bar for all of your music listening and relaxing needs?!

Brand wise I would surely be hitting up Tony’s Chocolonely for their shared commitment to social causes and ‘lonely’ emo/angsty vibing. Surely the perfect crossover!

Billie Eilish x Burritos

As soon as I started thinking about artists and food, this interview of Billie Eilish talking about her love for refried beans came into my head! Billie’s Beany Burritos would be a wonderful musical foodie collaboration and it practically rolls off the tongue- set it up Chipotle!

Mahalia x Mocktail

Inspired by the soulful, sultry track ‘Sober’- I would absolutely love to drink a Mahalia mocktail. Something that will keep me awake and alert at a houseparty but juicy and sweet so that I’m still having just as much fun. In a world where clean, alcohol-spirits are an absolutely booming market, this would be a stonking partnership and surely a go to drink to enjoy during the upcoming festival season!

Well those are our thoughts! Are there any tasty collaborations you are dying to try out? Drop us a comment down below!

Words by Hermione Kellow

Photo © Apocalypse Music

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