AM Weekly Update: January 3, 2021

Welcome to the first instalment of AM weekly music news!

Happy New Year! The top story of the past week has of course been waving goodbye and good riddance to 2020 and ringing in 2021. Unlike in previous years where revellers partied the night away and gathered to watch fireworks and dance, New Year in Tier 4 was somewhat more of a sombre affair. However, that wasn’t going to stop music and sound taking centre stage in the celebrations! Indeed, the annual fireworks display in London was one of the many demonstrations across the globe in which the poignancy of sound was tangible. Using clips from news broadcasts and interviews from over the year in combination with music and message of inclusivity, diversity and hope, there was certainly a sense that we should be hopeful for the future.

Harry Styles & Phoebe Waller Bridge team up: Having not yet fully recovered from Waller-Bridge’s insane Bridgers/Mescal collaboration for ‘Saviour Complex’, her latest music video team-up manages to elevate fangirl levels to even further heights!

There simply couldn’t be a match made more in heaven than Harry Styles and Phoebe Waller-Bridge dressed in matching Gucci suits, sipping on martinis, dancing in tandem with Styles donning a diamond encrusted bow tie and jacket. It’s the best kind of mayhem and in my opinion, a sign that music videos will become an increasingly important medium for filmmakers during a period complicated by restrictions, social distancing and masks.

Another huge story this week has been the announcement of a Brexit deal however, what does it mean for touring musicians?

In response to the deal, a petition has now been signed by over 200,000 people requesting for a renegotiation of the current terms, calling for a free cultural work permit to allow touring professionals and artists the freedom to travel throughout the 27 EU states.  It has garnered the support of many popular artists including Nadine Shah, Foals, Dua Lipa and Biffy Clyro. Combined with the effects of coronavirus, the coming months are sure to be hugely revealing with regard to the future of live music.

In a final farewell to the 2020 festive period I felt it was only fitting to round off with the news that the iconic track ‘Last Christmas’ by Wham has finally reached No1 in the UK Singles chart, 36 years after it’s release!

As for the certified Christmas number one of 2020, that honour went to LadBaby for the third year in a row with ‘Don’t Stop Me Eatin’! With 100% of the profits going to support the invaluable work of The Trussell Trust, a nationwide network of food banks it is wonderful to see the unfailingly generous couple Ian and Roxanne Hoyle crowned once more in a record breaking victory! If you can please do download the single and check out the vital work being undertaken by The Trussell Trust.

Here at Apocalypse Music we would like to say a huge thanks to all of our supporters. We are really excited about the New Year and can’t wait to share more exciting music content with you all- Happy 2021 everyone!

Words by Hermione Kellow

Photo © Apocalypse Music

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