Blossom Caldarone performs ‘Blue, Me and You’

Hey, thanks for talking to us here at AM and recording an Apocalypse Session for us! Could you start by telling us about why you chose to perform Blue, Me and You?

Hello! I chose it because it’s a new one that I’d love people to hear. It’ll be on my upcoming EP, albeit a little spiced up and possibly even structurally different, but I wanted a version as it is currently available. There’s so much that goes into creating a song and this is a demo in its rawest form; I thought it would be nice for people to hear this in comparison to the version that will be released; I imagine they’ll be different. Plus, I love hearing other artists’ acoustic demos, it’s so grounding. 

How have you been finding Lockdown 3? Have you got any tips for staying motivated/creative?

If I’m being honest, I’ve found this one a lot harder than the last. It feels a little endless and the lack of sun is getting to me. In terms of tips, it’s just essential to not put pressure on yourself; whether that’s to write a song, post fun content, plan videos – just do what you can, when you can, and hopefully a creative spurt will grow from that nonchalance. 

What about your blog “diana_listens, how did that come about?

I’ve always loved music journalism, both writing and reading, and I felt I needed something to avert my attention to. Being an artist can be a bit all consuming and I need other interests alongside it. It’s so wonderful interviewing people, and seeing how our processes differ. We’re more often than not cut from the same cloth, and it’s reassuring to hear artists and musicians discuss topics relevant to you too.

There’s also so much talent out there that isn’t given a platform and I just think independent blogs are so important early on!

What are you currently working on?

Just piecing and finishing off songs that I sporadically wrote over the 2020 madness. Lots of them are very mismatched and need some TLC. 

What influences have you found seeping into your sound recently?

Lots of very traditional string arranging; I have a wonderful friend who helps me with this and we gush over all the Carpenters and Burt Bacharach instrumentals. I love hammy 70’s strings and woodwind. Also, I love KPOP at the moment, it’s really inspiring me chordally; some of the key changes are so ambitious and slightly unnecessary and I just admire the ballsiness of it. I’ll be channelling it in 2021!

What’s next for you musically- any plans for the future/releases on the way?

Yes! An EP is coming in the summer with some singles before so that’s exciting! I’m also really getting into planning music videos at the moment, so some fun visuals too. 

Where can our readers find out more about you? (social media links/contact details etc.)

My Instagram bio! (@blossomcaldarone) I discovered Linktree the other day (appreciate I’m late to the party) so all my latest articles and releases etc can be found there. Come and say hey!

Photo © Theo Batterham

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