FONN performs debut single “Good Light In”

Our Apocalypse Session this week features the wonderful FONN performing his debut single “Good Light In”.

Hailing from Devon and now based in London, FONN is the moniker of Fionn Connolly. Fionn’s battle to overcome mental health issues have inspired his music, as well as artists such as Bon Iver, The 1975 and Japanese House. FONN intends to build on his live performances in the future, with plans to appear at Exeter Cathedral next summer for a multimedia display of his EP ‘Tomorrow, Now’, accompanied by sculpture and dancers.

The global pandemic has so far prevented FONN from bringing his sound to live stages in London, but in the meantime he has established the YouTube series ‘live from lockdown’ which has accumulated almost 20,000 views. This in itself is evidence of FONN’s resourcefulness and resilience, a sentiment which is echoed in his compelling new single ‘Good Light In’. Crafting a fresh, original new sound, we sense that the future is very bright for this upcoming artist.

FONN also features in the Apocalypse Music Podcast “Episode 6: New Releases, Cider Cans and Reaching Out” so be sure to check it out to hear him discuss staying creative during the pandemic.

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