Weekly New Music Picks: 14 July, 2021

Welcome to our weekly roundup of some of the best new music we have been listening to over the past week. If you want to share any future recommendations with us feel free to drop us an email at apocalypsemusicsite@gmail.com.

Single Ruin ‘Unique’

Producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Single Ruin continues his run of alt-pop releases with upcoming EP, Unique. Loaded with strong lyrical content and emotive writing ‘Unique’ is an electrifying new single that truly draws on the senses and jolts the listener around in the most satisfying of ways sonically. Definitely worth a listen for the discerning producers amongst you.

The Cavs ‘Man In The Suit’

Hailing from Manchester, The Cavs formed in late 2019. They’ve become known for their ability to electrify a crowd with hard riffs and energetic performances, whilst also being able to dictate the pace and slow it down with emotionally driven songs. Their latest offering ‘Man In The Suit’ proves to be no different, boasting pace driven drum beats, catchy, anthemic riffs and powerful lyricism.

Speaking about their new release, The Cavs reveal: “‘Man in The Suit’, put simply, is about if those who lived at the top lived life at the bottom, even just for a day, the world would be a better place. The song was written in 2019 and recording started in early 2020. Due to the pandemic, recording took the best part of a year to finish. Whilst this was the case we found that the meaning of this song grew far more prominent as the year unfolded. It means alot to us as a band and we hope the message resonates to musicians, artists, creatives and people alike.”

Scott Helman ‘Old Friends’

Filled with angsty nostalgia and shouts, there is something deliciously noughties about this track. It has a pop-punk feel and a wonderfully heavy chorus that you can practically hear people screaming along to. Having established himself as one of Canada’s leading singer-songwriters, Helman is certainly a singer us Brits should keep an ear out for.

The Rotanas ‘Get The Call’

I have been a fan of this group for a while now and their latest release ‘Get The Call’ is a real marker of their growing sonic progression. On the laid-back side, it’s an almost dreamy track but with a biting edge that stops it from being anything flighty. Indeed, the trademark snarl of their frontman keeps it infused with a sardonic, grungey feel.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the new single, songwriter Tormey commented: “Personally, I like to be quite ambiguous when speaking of the inspiration and meaning behind tracks as I like to let the listener interpret it how they see fit, and I think song meanings can be interchangeable from person to person. I will say that loosely, for me anyway, it’s about putting effort into something but questioning if it’s what you’re meant to be doing in life and whether it’s worth the struggle.”

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Words by Hermione Kellow

Photo © Apocalypse Music

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