Weekly New Music Picks: 19 February 2022

Welcome to our weekly roundup of some of the best new music we have been listening to over the past week. If you want to share any future recommendations with us feel free to drop us an email at apocalypsemusicsite@gmail.com.

Coops ‘The Kid Is Back’

Currently loving this track by North London rapper Coops– his first new material in two years, it’s a triumphant return to scene pinned down by thumping bass and fluid lyricism. Produced by long-standing creative collaborator Talos, there is a real sense of soul to the track that pulls together eclectic mix of sounds. Certainly one for fans of 90’s RnB and the likes of Kojey Radical and Little Simz.

“A while ago now, me and Talos were talking about getting back to making music the same way we did when we made Lost Soul,” explains Coops, ”A lot of the music we have made since that project, we haven’t really sat in the studio together and locked in. This was one of many songs that came from those sessions. That classic Coops & Talos sound! The song is pretty self-explanatory… I’m back!”

Opus Kink ‘I Love You Baby’

There is something deliciously Tarantino-esque about this track. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I think something to do with the mix of fanfare-ing trumpets, snarly vocals and a winding vocal narrative that strikes me as a song that would fit quite neatly on the soundtrack of a Spaghetti Western. The unique palette is one I have been absolutely loving and hugely look forward to hearing what this six-piece get up to next!

‘I Love You, Baby’ is a sweet, tender love song charting one careless heart’s adventure through purgatory. Signed with a sticky kiss from Opus Kink to you

tinyumbrellas ‘Please Don’t Make This Weird

I have a notorious soft-spot for strummed ballads such as this however, 19-year-old Leeds-based artist tinyumbrellas really impressed me this week with their track ‘Please Don’t Make This Weird’. I’m a real sucker for a nice change in texture when approaching the chorus and the move from minimal strummed ukelele* into full texture, albeit featuring plinky plonky xylophone is executed perfectly. It’s a real ear-worm and has brought some musical sunshine into my dreary February week.

On the track’s meaning, tinyumbrellas explains; “‘Please Don’t Make This Weird’ follows the story of a very relatable situation which I have found myself in more often than I’d like to admit. It’s about when you meet someone new, and they’re really lovely and you both get along really well, with the exception of one thing – both having opposite ends of the stick. It’s not particularly nice to be on either side of the situation this song talks about, but I feel like if you care about someone enough, a solid and meaningful friendship is just a wonderful thing to be a part of. I wanted this song to highlight the importance of platonic friendship and mutual connection between two people before anything else might potentially happen. All my songs so far seem to tell the story of my coming-of-age, and this one is no different.”

*do correct me if wrong!

Tom A Smith ‘Dragonfly’

The fact that this guy is only 17 is quite frankly terrifying however, I wont harp on about his age for too long as this track totally stand on it’s own without the help of any such headline. It’s angsty and guttural, fed by rhythmic guitars and almost minimalist synths. However, the star of the show is undoubtedly the distinct timbre Smith seems to pull out at the edge of his vocals. Crying out for escapism through the twang of something just on the edge of punk but pulling away enough to fit the indie rock category. If anything, this is a track that quite literally screams of potential and with the likes of Jack Saunders behind him, I’m sure we will be getting used to this name very soon!

Harry Marshall ‘shake shake’

I was first introduced to wonderful Harry Marshall after watching him perform live in late 2021 and have enjoyed listening to his music ever since. As you will hear, the indie artist has an incredible strong and compelling voice, taking impressive ownership of the stage both instrumentally and vocally. His new track ‘shake shake’ explores a defiantly more exposed and emotional side of his range. It’s punchy in a guitar centric way and texturally surprising at times which is really refreshing to hear in the indie pop realm. He’s certainly one to be keeping an ear out for and I couldn’t recommend his live set enough!

“I feel like shake shake is the start of a new ‘era’ of my music. I used to hate when artists would say that, but I hadn’t released a body of work and was moving on to the next back then. The last record was about the bitter end of a relationship and shake shake was the first song I wrote at the start of another blossoming love. In the moments at the start of a relationship you tend to just lose yourself in the excitement and the discovery of this new person.”

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Words by Hermione Kellow

Image © Apocalypse Music

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