Weekly New Music Picks: 25 October 2021

Welcome to our weekly roundup of some of the best new music we have been listening to over the past week. If you want to share any future recommendations with us feel free to drop us an email at apocalypsemusicsite@gmail.com.

Cuffed Up ‘Terminal’

Wonderfully grungey and Y2K inspired but fused with a very honest message, I am really enjoying this new track by LA based group Cuffed Up. On the track, vocalist Ralph Torrefranca explains, ““Terminal” is the most personal song I’ve ever written. I suffer from serious health OCD that is borderline crippling at times. I wanted to write a song that projects the anxiety & irrational thoughts that my body & mind go through during my worst “episodes”.

Dexter ‘Paper Cup’

Dexter is an artist massively on the rise having landed some great attention over the last few months. This new track has an impeccable groove, great lyrics and a DIY flair that makes it sound as if it has been crafted almost spontaneously. Definitely one to keep an ear out for.

Of the new single, dexter comments; “‘Paper Cup’ is about me feeling overwhelmed by my thoughts and how that can often stop me from doing the simplest of things, for example just getting a cup of water to drink, that’s why it’s called paper cup. I would’ve just sung ‘cup’ but it sounded better with paper. I also really wanted to make a song that was kind of dancey as I don’t really have any like that, something that has a more fast paced vibe to it and that’s different to what I have done before.”

Dreamer Boy/Benee ‘Are you letting go’

The combination of Genre-blurring Nashville singer/songwriter Dreamer Boy and New Zealand star BENEE on this dreamy new single creates a really enjoyable alt-pop listen. I get big The 1975-esque production vibes from the track that join together perfectly to capture the ethereal sensibilities of these sonically shapeshifting artists.

On the track, Taylor said, “’ARE YOU LETTING GO?’ was written as a SOS or smoke signal to another person. I was very lost and feeling very far from someone I loved when I wrote this and sometimes the only communication you have with that person is not clear and leaves you hoping or longing. With this song, I wanted to express that unfamiliar and bewildering place of love, of not knowing, and the uncertainty of how the other person is feeling.”

Banji ‘Chills’

This is just funky as hell- I’ve really loved listening to this band since hearing the utterly joyous sound of this track. It’s quite literally sunshine in a bottle and as Winter closes in, this track has been pretty instrumental in helping me haul myself out the house on the daily commute. Great vibes all round really!

Lead vocalist Morris Brandt explains: “Chills is about being in a rut. That feeling of how everything around you goes too fast to keep up with. It’s something everybody struggles with now and then, looking for grip. But when you can’t find that, you tend to give up and it feels like you’re stuck. ” 

Curtis Walsh ‘Sitting Ducks’

This is just some straight up great ballad singing/songwriting- definitely something I’m sure we will all be getting into as Adele croons her way back into the charts. Curtis is a really talented artist and has been doing brilliantly in his home of Ireland, I’m sure if this is anything to go by his trajectory will continue steadily upwards.

Speaking about the new offering, Curtis said, “This song is really important to me so I was determined to make sure I got it as close to perfect as possible before releasing it into the world. Everyone has hardship going on in their lives – some worse than others but I’m a strong believer that every bit of pain and discomfort you face is a test for whether you’ll grow or wallow in the suffering – and I know just how easy it is to stop pushing forward and wallow – so this is a song I feel I once needed to hear, and that hopefully a lot of others can use as a driving force into a better future and a better you! “

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Words by Hermione Kellow

Photo © Apocalypse Music

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