AM Weekly New Music Picks: 19 March, 2021

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Busty And The Bass “The ET Suite”

“The ET Suite” is a super exciting new project by Canadian modern funk group Busty And The Bass. The sequel to their 2020 album “Eddie”, “The ET Suite” is an intergalactic concept EP that reworks their original album track “ET” and spins the concept out across fifteen-minutes of exhilarating, dance-worthy funk. It’s a truly innovative and acutely observed EP full of great moments however, a personal favourite moment has to be in “ET Part II: Venus” when the beat properly drops and the track kicks into the most incredible groove.

Chris Vincent [trombone player] explains: “Contrary to how we’ve recorded in the past, every element of this was recorded in isolation. There were lots of discussions and listening sessions but as far as the recording process went, each instrument was recorded completely independently. This ended up playing into the themes of the music. The ET Suite is really a space traveling journey from one isolated planet to the next and that transportation to different spaces is exactly how the creative process worked.”

Amy Milner “Could’ve Been Right Now”

Amy Milner’s voice is absolutely gorgeous- the perfect blend of power and vulnerability. Ideally suited to the personal power ballad, the Suffolk based artist excels in latest release “Could’ve Been Right Now”. A brilliant showcase of her raw songwriting and ability to wear her heart on her sleeve, this latest release explores being apart from loved ones and realising just how much they mean to you. Considering the events of the past year this is an especially pertinent topic!

Amy explains: This one’s for the people we’ve been missing. The ones who have left our lives pending to be changed for the better as soon as we can be reunited. Here’s to the lows of this freakish time making the highs that are to come all the better; bringing us closer.”

Rampton Prom “Give Me Something”

There is a real experimental depth to the sound of new track “Give Me Something” by Rampton Prom, a studio project made up of producer Jonny Parry, Gina Leonard and Ryan Rogers (Mumble Tide). A quirky, vibey mix of beats, heavy bass lines and poetic lyrics, this latest track really showcases the unique sound of the group.

Speaking about the new release, vocalist Gina says, “I guess the lines ‘Give me something’ could be interpreted as a plea for some answers from somewhere external but equally I think it was an attempt at finding something in me, something good. I can get trapped in some pretty negative thought patterns that are hard to get out of sometimes.”

In Earnest “your dog/good boy”

In tribute to their dogs, alt-indie Trio In Earnest have released the gorgeous double single “your dog/good boy”. The band explain: “The first track was written while sitting on the floor with our dog Murph – it’s made up of all the questions we would ask her if she could talk. The second track is about our other dog Doug who passed away in 2019, detailing how heartbreaking it is to lose a pet.”

The subject matter is especially refreshing amongst the sea of generic love songs that get released daily and for the pet lovers among you, it’s a beautiful acoustic offering with a whole lot of heart.

Entropies “Blue Ghost”

Highly atmospheric and full of impact, “Blue Ghost” is the second single to be released by London based group Entropies. A brilliantly cinematic track, “Blue Ghost” takes clear inspiration from film scores and it’s combination of strings and synths creates a lush almost haunting soundscape.

Entropies are a four-piece all-female band formed of vocals and keys, violin, cello and percussion. They work incredibly collaboratively as evident in this explanation of the creative process behind the track. “Sheida, lead vocalist, sent a demo of a chord progression she had been playing around with to the band during the height of the second lockdown. Fran, the percussionist, put down initial lines on the cajon, followed by layers of violin harmonies by Sophie. After recording the song at Dean St Studios, producer Charlie transformed the song, adding synths, mixing and producing the track. Emilia, the band’s cellist, was able to compose bass lines over Zoom, and designed the cover art from her own photograph. “

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Words by Hermione Kellow

Photo © Apocalypse Music

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