AM Weekly New Music Picks: 29 March, 2021

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Tessel feat. Amber Arcades “Cinema”

Listening to this track immediately evoked images of Summer, Festivals and sun for me. The woozy guitar riffs and laidback drumbeats combine to create the perfect Summer/coming of age indie flick soundtrack and it’s sure to leave a smile on your face.

The band explain :“Cinema is a duet from the perspective of two lovers. They go on a date to the cinema, the place they first met. However, something does not seem to be right, they both feel it, but do not dare to say it to each other. An intense love that has quickly blown over. Popcorn on your lap, a soda in the cup holder on the chair -3,2,1 – the film is running. A story identical to that of the two lovers is projected onto the screen… resulting in a “break-up” scene. The hall light comes on, the show is over, the two in the room look at each other knowing that this would be their last date in the cinema.” 

Spang Sisters “Jenny”

I’m clearly craving Summer because I got very similar vibes from delightfully groovy and chilled out track “Jenny” by Spang Sisters. The tinges of 70’s Motown and sultry trumpet interjections make it a brilliantly sunny offering. Rachid explains, “we were listening to a lot of Velvet Underground at the time and this song came about after having listened to the song ‘Stephanie Says’… I have always been a fan of Lou Reed’s cynicism and didacticism towards the dilettantes he no doubt met through The Factory and Max’s Kansas City. This is a nod to that mode of lyricism.’

Eades “Present in the Moment”

Eades display real dynamism in their new single “Present in the Moment”, a classically edgy anthem with teetering, guitar driven angst. There is a real energy to this group and a post-punk influence that resonates through their whole aesthetic. The agitation is palpable throughout the track bringing a certain vibrancy and their DIY approach is what marks them out as especially eclectic sonically.

On the inspiration behind the track, lead singer Harry Jordan explains, “I was away on holiday with my girlfriend in Australia for 3 weeks, and by the last week I was itching to get back and write some music. When I haven’t done any music in a while I go a bit stir crazy and start getting really agitated and go off into my own little world inside my head. I wrote the lyrics just after we’d had an argument because apparently I wasn’t “present in the moment”… I hate to admit it but she was probably right. I swear I’m not normally that angsty.”

Ormiston “Rebel”

Feel good indie pop with a brilliantly nostalgic Top of The Pops inspired video, Montreal-based singer, songwriter, musician and producer Ormiston makes his debut as a solo artist with catchy single, ‘Rebel’. For fans of a groovy beat and a penchant for The Smiths, this is the perfect track to add to your rotation.

Ormiston explains, “Rebel is a song about a turbulent relationship between two lovers. A passionate relationship bringing the best and sometimes the worst out of both individuals. With this first single, I explore the sound of coastal beach tones mixed with indie pop.”

Silvertwin “Ploy”

Wondrously retro “Ploy” is a gorgeously warm track that feels almost like a sonic hug. It is easy to hear the influence of great melodists such as Jeff Lynne, Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson throughout and the chorus featuring quirky plucked strings and crunchy harmonies is just totally up my street.

The group explain““Ploy” is kind of about the insecurity or paranoia that comes with a blooming relationship” says Shalam. “I suppose initially I thought of the riff as my attempt at trying to write something Beach Boys-esque by having simple chords but a bass line that moved back and forth. It was a new style of song-writing for me as up until then I’d mostly used guitar, but I wanted to begin using piano as the anchor for the songs I was working on at the time.”

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Words by Hermione Kellow

Photo © Apocalypse Music

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