Weekly New Music Picks: 6 December 2021

Welcome to our weekly roundup of some of the best new music we have been listening to over the past week. If you want to share any future recommendations with us feel free to drop us an email at apocalypsemusicsite@gmail.com.

Foals ‘Wake Me Up’

It’s always thrilling to hear Foals shake things up and continue to evolve their sound in new and unexpected ways. ‘Wake Me Up’ is a great sign of what is to come with their upcoming album, taking on a much funkier sound than they have before whilst maintaining their trademark sharp, rhythmic drum beat. It’s great fun and a smashing dance track to add onto your regular rotation!

LYR ‘Cascade Theory’ (feat. Rozi Plain)

Amalgamating a trio of creative disciplines, LYR are a transformational group whose distinct sound is both cinematic and all-encompassing. For many, their sound will be surprisingly reminiscent thanks to group member and famous poet Simon Armitage, whose tone and lyricism combined with the intricate soundscape make for something truly special. Speaking on their new track, the group explain “Cascade Theory takes a scientific principle and applies it to a social or psychological setting. Things crash into each other -especially thoughts and ideas -and the resulting fragmentation is both bewildering and exciting.”

Circe ‘Mess With Your Head

The incredible Circe continues her upwards trajectory with two gloriously expansive tracks ‘Mess with Your Head’ and ‘I’m Still Not Sorry for What I Said.’ Boasting a filmic, dark-pop sound quite unlike anything else currently being produced, these are two wonderful tracks full of atmosphere and synthy goodness. On the track ‘Mess With Your Head’ Circe explains that: “It’s about the extremes that love pushes us to. The exquisite pain of knowing someone else controls how your heart will fair that day. We are all so often the worst to the people we love the best.

There’s a lyric inspired by Shakespeare – ‘ You gave me your heart, and I gave you a pound of flesh’. For me the line expresses not only the possessive feelings love can cultivate, but the idea of handing over ‘flesh’ gives physical weight to the emotion of love. The visceral stages from the lightness of a body you know so well, to the heaviness of a battered heart.”

Phil Madeley ‘In Dreams’

There is something so simple and joyous about this track- definitely one for fans of Mac de Marco mixed with classic rock guitar riffs. Madeley’s voice is a croon that sounds as if it could have been transported from a different decade and ‘In Dreams’ is just a brilliantly laidback anthem sure to get you smiling. The Birmingham-based artist explains: “‘In Dreams’ is a mantra for everyone fighting the good fight between expectation and reality, the sheer joy of settling for what is“, with the songwriter aiming his trademark idiosyncratic lyricism at the existential feeling of modern existence. 

Jessica Wilde ‘L.A. Boy’

Absolutely loving the vibe of this track- Wilde’s voice has a great, sultry tone to it that naturally draws in the listener and her lyrics are just totally raw and relatable. ‘LA Boy’ is the next single to be taken from her forthcoming album which charts her journey from addiction and toxic relationships to self-empowerment and living sober. It’s a snapshot of a moment of realisation which helped her move forward with this transformation. Wilde says, “I had a whirlwind relationship with a guy from LA, only here for a two week stay and he swept me up as quick as he dropped me down. A short-lived romance but had a pivotal part in my journey to living sober. The song tells all…”

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Words by Hermione Kellow

Image © Apocalypse Music

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