AM Weekly New Music Picks: 13 March, 2021

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George Glew “Gravity”

“Gravity” is a beautifully heartfelt track by the wonderful George Glew. The track explores the difficult topic of losses within his family and the bereavement process set against soaring vocals and a delicately persuasive accompaniment.

“Gravity” is the title track of Glew’s eagerly awaited EP which is sure to only add to the success he has had on streaming sites so far. On his EP, George added: “I wanted to create an EP that would show the different sides of everything I do without having a particular theme or concept. However, the music itself seems to have a continuity and there definitely is a concept of me looking outside of myself, to something bigger, to help make sense of the things I was going through and I’m glad it turned out that way.”

Sierra Blax “INYIM”

This is a wonderfully jazzy track by the incredibly cool Sierra Blax. Born and raised on the island of Kaua’i, singer-songwriter Sierra manages to bring a fresh taste of soul, chill-pop & R&B to all her tracks and “INYIM” is certainly no exception.

“INYIM” is a playful track that describes Sierra’s time navigating love and life in LA, trying not to break too many hearts! It’s great fun for those of you looking for a chill bop and there is even a classic key change half way through that will have fans of “Love on Top” in raptures.

Blood Wizard “Total Depravity”

Frontman of Nottingham punk band Kagoule, Cai Burns, now known as Blood Wizard has released the brilliantly eclectic single “Total Depravity”. It is the fourth track taken from his debut album, Western Spaghetti released via Moshi Moshi Records and combines elements of folk with wry, urban post-punk.

It is definitely worth a listen if you are looking for something lyric driven and perceptive as the track and indeed the album see Cai really explore his flare for songwriting . Cai says about the track: “Total Depravity is a song about finding yourself in a situation that causes you to lose sight of yourself. An extended period of time that kind of turns into an anxious blur

Uma “Nebula”

Taken from upcoming EP Moth & The Dove, Slow Dance‘s Uma has released a brilliant rhythmic led track “Nebula”. The track is wonderfully staccato and set against a mix of bossa nova influences and dreamy synths creating a really unique sound world. Uma explains that the track is “about the  post-honeymoon honey sweet feeling  of seeing the person you love and understanding where they’ve been, their happiness and their pain and finding yourself overwhelmed and head over heels in love.”  

Coach Party “Everybody Hates Me”

Emerging Isle of Wight four-piece Coach Party are on excellent form with new single “Everybody Hates Me”, released via Chess Club Records. It’s a raucous, grunge pop anthem that definitely has the existentialism of the past year summed up neatly. Explaining the inspiration behind the single, vocalist Jess Eastwood says: “‘Everybody Hates Me’ isn’t a metaphor for anything; it’s literally about those times when you convince yourself that everyone, including your best friends don’t actually like you, and your self-confidence is so low that you don’t even blame them. Disguise that sentiment in an up-beat singalong, and there you have the third single from our new record.

Coach Party are a really exciting young band with tonnes of energy and are sure to burst onto the live scene as soon as it becomes possible!

Cooper Phillip “Not Perfect”

Feel good, positive and just a really satisfying listen for anyone looking for something motivational , LA based pop soul artist Cooper Phillip excels in new single “Not Perfect”. With previous singles garnering over 10 million streams Phillip’s music clearly resonates with audiences and her message of empowerment and strength appears to be more important than ever.

She explains “I believe we underestimate ourselves often and our fear takes over. My goal is to show people that they are stronger and can do much more than they think they can”, she admits. Using true life stories, hardships and experiences, the songwriter emits authenticity and courage throughout her music.”

Folly Group “Four Wheel Drive”

Emerging London-based collective Folly Group are a wonderful group with a really eclectic approach to the indie sound. Signed to So Young Records, their new single “Four Wheel Drive” has definite elements of Black Midi, Foals and Idles about it yet the combination creates something uniquely vast and sonically experimental. Having garnered an impressive following since January last year, the group have caught the attention of tastemakers including Radio 1’s Jack Saunders and seem set to make an even bigger impression once live music is up and running again.

On “Four Wheel Drive”, Folly Group’s Sean Harper said, “‘Four Wheel Drive’s mechanical chug aims to invoke the feeling of alchemy that occurs when we make music together. It’s a kind of sonic metaphor for our each being part of an engine—together, we each provide a different service in pursuit of the same goal. That goal is whatever kind of good it makes you feel.

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Words by Hermione Kellow

Photo © Apocalypse Music

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