AM Weekly Update: 7 March, 2021

Hello lovely readers! Now I’m not usually one for gossip but writing this on the eve of Oprah’s interview with Meghan and Harry has got us here at AM all riled up. In homage of the occasion we tried our hand at the TikTok trend “Favourite Celebrity Interview Moment”. Check them out on our TikTok account and follow us whilst you are there!

In other news, according to a new report multiple lockdowns have seen a record spike in spending on music. The Entertainment Retailers Association reported a rise in spending for the music, video and gaming sectors, due to the large number of people stuck at home for long periods of time throughout the pandemic.

This piece of news comes alongside a recent article featuring a woman who’s been making her way through her every single record from her mammoth 300-strong vinyl collection to pass the time, documenting each listen in a diary. From Beethoven to The Beatles; Blondie to Bowie, Anna Doble has been collecting music since the mid 1990s, and since 29th March has been reconnecting with the soundtrack of her life so far.

Whether you’re a vinyl fan or enjoy curating Spotify playlists for every mood, what tracks have been getting you through the year? 

For Indie fans across the land, the return of Wolf Alice has got people excited! Their stunning live debut on Later… with Jools Holland of comeback single ‘The Last Man On Earth’ is truly brilliant and a great glimpse of what could be coming for them next.

Similarly, this week we have finally heard the fruits of No Rome’s collaboration with The 1975 & Charli XCX in house party anthem “Spinning”. It’s a summer ready track that is bound to hype you up for the return of dancing, clubbing, drinking and all of the excitement that comes with Summer!

Equally, its been a really busy week for us here at AM with various exciting features being released. We interviewed the brilliant group OTC and chatted about their work for The Message Trust and also reviewed one of the brilliant livestream concerts at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club. Do follow the links to check out!

We were also lucky enough to feature the wonderful artist Kianja on our latest Apocalypse Session so do give it a watch below. She performs her single “In a Different Light,” an empowering and emotional track.

Words by Hermione Kellow & Pia Rose Scattergood

Photo © Apocalypse Music

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