Weekly New Music Picks: 15 August, 2021

Welcome to our weekly roundup of some of the best new music we have been listening to over the past week. If you want to share any future recommendations with us feel free to drop us an email at apocalypsemusicsite@gmail.com.

Hyde Away ’10:30′

This track sounds like summer and festivals and I’m loving it having on my playlist right now for its nostalgic, joyful vibe. Discussing the meaning behind the track, the band revealed: “The song was written the morning after a night out in about 15 minutes. I was thinking about a girl I saw who was constantly on her phone whilst she was on a date with her boyfriend.”

Penelope Darling ‘Tears Run Red’

‘Tears Run Red’ is a really atmospheric, understated track that showcases the hauntingly crisp vocal quality of Darling. It’s a completely gorgeous listen and and impeccably put together track, perfect to put on for a moment of chill.

Cyrano ‘Tundra’

This feels like a classic track for summer- it has an anthemic quality, some brilliant drops and showcases great use of eclectic percussion. A really fun one that is worth having on your dance night playlist!

Billie Eilish ‘NDA’

Ok ok, I know this is obvious as anything but with the release of Billie’s new album Happier Than Ever, I have of course been bingeing the album and working out my feelings towards it. Personally I am a big fan. I think it shows genuine artistic progression and works as an actual entity of an album rather than being full of crowd-pleasing pop hits. One of my favourites has to be ‘NDA’ as it just has a certain sass and driving energy to it that I love!

Olivia Dean ‘Cross My Mind’

Olivia Dean’s EP Growth has been on replay constantly the past week with ‘Cross My Mind’ being a particular favourite of mine. There is just something so beautifully relatable and honest about every single track and the musicianship is spectacular. On the EP Olivia explains “Growth is a time capsule of the last year, it’s me processing my perspective on love and loving myself. Each song feels like a different stage of understanding relationships, whether with yourself or somebody else. It’s at times felt like my most difficult project but in the end has been the most rewarding. I know myself so much better through this music”.

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Words by Hermione Kellow

Photo © Apocalypse Music

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